Hebei Longsheng Metals & Minerals Co., LTD mainly operating oil chemical pipe products, steel, metal, industrial parts, machinery, minerals, non-metallic minerals and other metal products, and other commodities, years into exports more than $one hundred million in foreign trade companies in one in hebei province, the existing staff more than 160 people.{cms:sortdesc}" />


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                  Company news
                2019 annual fire training

                        The morning of  June 17, the company invited hebei security fire education center expert lectures on fire control safety knowledge for employees, Liu jie instructor during combined with real case to explain many kinds of common fire prevention and fighting, the right way to escape in distress;Through this training, the consummation staff to enhance the consciousness of fire prevention, disaster prevention, further grasp the correct fire control knowledge.After the meeting, Liu jie do the disaster response to escape drill instructor organization everyone.The picture shows the company conference room training and drills.